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Ambius i Norge kunngjør oppkjøp av Dalens Plantservice AS


Ambius i Norge har kjøpt opp hele Dalens Plantservice AS sin planteporteføljen.

Ambius Norway announces acquisition of Dalens Plantservice AS


Ambius Norway today announces the acquisition of Dalens Plantservice AS, including the entire plant portfolio.

Changing rooms: Care home residents feel the benefits of choosing their own décor


A new study carried out by Ambius and the University of Exeter found that a group of older adults in a care home felt healthier, happier and more satisfied with their lives through being empowered to influence their physical surroundings.

Ambius demonstrates its exterior landscaping expertise and commitment to revitaIizing dull spaces in Milton Keynes.


Ambius, working with Milton Keynes City Centre Management, has played its part to helped to revitalise a small part of the centre of Milton Keynes

There’s No Place Like Home ... at the Office


Research shows that employees who have personal photos, plants and nick-nacks in their office or workstation are more productive and happier, says Jeff Mariola, President of Ambius.


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